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Free Resources for the General Public 

New to mindfulness? Or want to read some mindfulness articles? Guided practices also available. Check out

Guided meditation and talk with Jon Kabat-Zinn M-F April 2020 at 11 am PDT:

Live guided meditation sessions from UCSD:

Pre-recorded meditations from UCSD:


Pre-recorded guided meditations from Tara Brach, PhD:

Pre-recorded Mindful Self-Compassion meditations from Kristin Neff, PhD:

Pre-recorded RAIN practice, and guided mindfulness meditations from Karin Schiff, MD:

10-Day Guided Meditation Series from Ellen Cooke, MD:

Free pre-recorded guided meditations from Livia Walsh, RN, LCSW:

Free pre-recorded guided meditations from Julie Chippendale, RN:

Oprah and Deepak's 21 Day Meditation Experience:

Free pre-recorded guided meditations and Vimeos from Ni-Cheng Liang, MD

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