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Meet Dr. Yvonne Ator

Yvonne Ator, MD, MPH

Yvonne Ator, MD, MPH is a Coach, Facilitator and Advocate for Physicians and other mission-driven professionals who desire to serve sustainably and thrive while making their positive impact in the world. She is a certified Personal and Executive Coach in positive psychology, Certified Daring Way Facilitator and Certified Dare To Lead Facilitator, (Brene Brown's work) a certified Unbeatable Mind Coach (Integrated Training in Mental Toughness and Emotional resilience with Retired Navy SEAL Mark Divine) and a Chaplain for First Responders. She has internationally published several articles on resilience, wellness and personal development including laughter as medicine, caring for caregivers, mindfulness and meditation and cultivating values. She is a co- author of the book “Thinking About Quitting Medicine?” She also helps organizations transform into more daring leadership and courageous cultures where their mission-driven employees can thrive. Learn more about her here


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