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January 2023 Tea and Be with Dr. Anne Kennard: calming,
adaptogen and nourishing teas for winter.
Click here to watch.
Purchase her Integrative Medicine cookbook here. 
Please note that this video is not medical advice. 


MHC Book Club with Steven Hickman, PsyD:

Self-Compassion for Dummies

MHC Book Club with Kristin Neff, PhD:

Fierce Self-Compassion

Food and Supplements during COVID-19 by Dr. Anne Kennard, OB/Gyn, Integrative Medicine Physician, and Herbalist recorded 3.21.2020
*Please note the information provided in the video does not constitute medical advice or treatment.  Please consult your healthcare professional to make sure a particular supplement is right for you. Purchase her Integrative Medicine cookbook here

Gentle Chair Yoga by Dr. Anne Kennard video here

Yin Yoga by Dr. Anne Kennard, recorded 5.2.2020 (have pillows, or cushions, or folded blanket available).








All Levels Yoga by Dr. Jessie Mahoney, recorded 4.25.2020. 



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