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We’re a collective of physicians who are also wellness experts dedicated to providing free, evidence-based sessions to reduce stress for all healthcare professionals, particularly during this global pandemic.  Our primary mission is to help heal the healers so we can continue to heal others.  Stress levels are also high for the general public, and so we also offer yoga, coaching for parents, and practices for children at mindfulhealingcollective.com.

Mindfulness as Medicine for Children and Families 

Dr. Jessie Mahoney

Thursday 7/2

5:30pm PDT

 Dr. Mahoney is a pediatrician, yoga instructor, and mindful life coach. Learn more about her here. She will be facilitating an open discussion on incorporating mindfulness in clinical encounters with children and their families.  Bring your own tips and share!

She is part of the Mindful Healer Platinum Package, offering 5 1:1 coaching sessions as part of it, click here for more information.  

Healing the healers.

Free sessions for stress management.

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Even though we are physicians, for these sessions, we are not providing medical treatment or medical advice. 

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