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This year, medical professionals have been challenged more than ever before.  Working in healthcare has always been challenging. In 2020 the strain and drain involved in this important work has increased exponentially.  The pandemic has brought isolation, extraordinary loss, significant disease, higher volumes, uncertainty, and increased demands at home and at work.


The Mindful Healthcare Collective, founded by Dr. Ni-Cheng Liang,  was created in response to the suffering, exhaustion and isolation that we see in ourselves and our colleagues.  The collective is led by 9 physicians who are also wellness experts who provide free evidence-based events to  support, nourish, and healing the healthcare community.  We’ve helped hundreds of physicians/nurse practitioners/physician assistants/nurses both heal and create wellness in their own lives through our online events and in-depth offerings.


Here’s how we do it:

·  Free membership into the community via signing up for email updates,       and joining our Facebook Group.

·  Free online live and on-demand teachings, classes and events

·  In-Depth offerings - Mindful Healers Programs to fully integrate mindfulness into your life and work in medicine with CME.


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Stress levels are also high for the general public, and so we also offer yoga, coaching for parents, and practices for children at mindfulhealingcollective.com.

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Managing stress and overwhelm is just the beginning.  Reclaim and restore your well-being so that you can enjoy your life, your family and your profession again. 

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Even though we are physicians, for these sessions, we are not providing medical treatment or medical advice. 

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